LHAASO discussion session


Discussion session organized by the COST Action CA18108 "Quantum gravity phenomenology in the multi-messenger approach" (https://qg-mm.unizar.es/) around the revolutionary detection of 12 PeVatrons (sources of very high energy gamma-rays) that the LHAASO collaboration has recently announced (Zhen Cao, F.A. Aharonian et al., Ultrahigh-Energy Photons up to 1.4 Petaelectronvolts from 12 γ-Ray Galactic Sources, Nature 594, 7861 (2021)) and its impact, especially with respect to LIV searches (see e.g., C. Li and B.-Q. Ma, Ultrahigh-Energy Photons from LHAASO as Probes of Lorentz Symmetry Violations, arXiv:2105.07967), which is one of the key topics of research within our Action. 

In order to receive the link to this event, please register below before 16th June, 14 pm CET time (this is not compulsory for COST Action CA1808 participants).

    • 1
      Felix Aharonian: PeVatrons, theory
    • 2
      Zhen Cao: LHAASO experiment results
    • 3
      Bo-Qiang Ma: LIV with LHAASO
    • Free discussion