COST CA18108 Second Annual Conference - Corfu (Greece)

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The workshop venue is in the Mon Repos Estate. Information on how to get there may be found in the Meeting Location subsection of the webpage

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Please check for important information concerning COVID-19 updates and regulations and the organization of the Annual Conference. We hope you can have a good trip to Corfu!

Welcome to the Second Annual Conference of COST Action CA18108

"Quantum gravity phenomenology in the multi-messenger approach"

This is the second Annual Conference organized by COST Action CA18108 (, an initiative funded by the COST Association (, aiming to enable researchers from different communities of quantum gravity theorists and phenomenologists and gamma-ray, neutrino, cosmic-ray and gravitational-wave experimentalists to learn about each other's work and cooperate on the goal of developing new strategies for testing candidate quantum gravity theories using multi-messenger high-energy astrophysical observations.  

It will be possible to attend in person in Corfu (preferred mode) or to follow the conference online. 

The conference will be accompanied by a topical Special Issue on Quantum Gravity Phenomenology and Multi-Messenger astronomy in Classical and Quantum Gravity (CQG), which will be edited by members of the QGMM Cost Action. We invite all participants of our second annual conference to contribute to the special issue with original research papers which meet the topical criterion. The focus issue will open for submission for 6 months after the conference (with some flexibility).

The conference is preceded by the COST CA18108 First Training School. Students and early career postdocs who are interested in participating can register on the school webpage.


July 26: Early Registration deadline

July-August: Confirmation of financial support

Sep 15: Late Registration deadline (financial support might not be available at this point, depending on the number of early registrants)

Sep 15: Deadline for abstract submission

Oct 05: Arrival/Registration day

Oct 09: Departure day

(for information about the local organization, such as accommodation and the conference site facilities, please see

Financial support:

Participation for COST Action participants from COST Member Countries and Near Neighbour countries can be funded by COST. A first round of COST invitations will be sent around mid-August



  • Abdelhamid Haddad
  • Andrea Bevilacqua
  • Andrea Fuster
  • Andrei-Ieronim Constantinescu
  • Andrew Miller
  • Angel Ballesteros
  • Anna Tokareva
  • Ara Ioannisian
  • Armando di Matteo
  • Atousa Pournaghi
  • Caterina Trimarelli
  • Celia Escamilla-Rivera
  • Charalampos Tzerefos
  • Chen Fan
  • Christelle Levy
  • Christian Pfeifer
  • Daniel Kerszberg
  • Denitsa Staicova
  • Dijana Dominis Prester
  • Djordje Minic
  • Domenico Frattulillo
  • Eleanor Hamilton
  • Elias Vagenas
  • Elvis Barakovic
  • Emil Nissimov
  • Emmanuel SARIDAKIS
  • Farnaz Kazi
  • Germano Nardini
  • Giacomo Rosati
  • Giovanni Amelino-Camelia
  • Giulia Gubitosi
  • Giuseppe Ciocia
  • Giuseppe Fabiano
  • Goran Djodjevic
  • Humberto Martínez-Huerta
  • Iarley Lobo
  • Ioannis (John) Rizos
  • Ishank Tiwari
  • Ivan Gutierrez-Sagredo
  • Jacobo Asorey Barreiro
  • Jahed Abedi
  • Javier Relancio
  • Jean-Christophe Wallet
  • Jelena Strišković
  • Jerzy Kowalski-Glikman
  • jesus Nuñez
  • Jinglong Liu
  • Joao Coelho
  • Jose Gracia-Bondia
  • Jose Luis Cortes
  • José Manuel Carmona
  • Juande Zornoza
  • Julien Bolmont
  • Kanak Sharma
  • Konstantinos DIALEKTOPOULOS
  • Lazaros Souvaitzis
  • Li Jiaming
  • László Árpád Gergely
  • Manel Martinez
  • Manuel Hohmann
  • Marco Danilo Claudio Torri
  • Marco Piva
  • Marcos López
  • Maria Grazia Di Luca
  • Mariam Tórtola
  • Markus Risse
  • Martina Adamo
  • Maykoll A. Reyes Hung
  • Merce Guerrero Roman
  • Michele Arzano
  • Narine Ghazaryan
  • Nicoleta Voicu
  • Nikola Konjik
  • Nikolaos Mavromatos
  • Pablo Martínez Miravé
  • Paolo Marcoccia
  • Pedro Henrique Morais
  • Peter Taylor
  • Petr Satunin
  • Philippe Mathieu
  • Pradyumn Sahoo
  • Rafael Alves Batista
  • Rita Neves
  • Saeed Rastgoo
  • Salvatore Mignemi
  • Sami Caroff
  • Sebastian Bahamonde
  • Sergio Navas
  • Simran Arora
  • Sjors Heefer
  • Somnath Das
  • T.S.Sachin Venkatesh
  • Tanja Hinderer
  • Tomislav Terzić
  • Ufuk Aydemir
  • Vedad Pasic
  • Vittorio D'Esposito
  • Xuanlin Su
  • Zakaria BELKHADRIA