Welcome to the Workshop on theoretical and experimental advances in quantum gravity organised by  COST Action CA18108

"Quantum gravity phenomenology in the multi-messenger approach"


This workshop is organized by COST Action CA18108 (https://qg-mm.unizar.es/), an initiative funded by the COST Association (https://www.cost.eu/), aiming to enable researchers from different communities of quantum gravity theorists and phenomenologists and gamma-ray, neutrino, cosmic-ray and gravitational-wave experimentalists to learn about each other's work and cooperate on the goal of developing new strategies for testing candidate quantum gravity theories using multi-messenger high-energy astrophysical observations.  

The workshop precedes the COST CA18108 Second Training School. It will feature presentations and discussions on the following topics:

- Black hole physics
- Non-commutative and braided field theory
- AdS/CFT correspondence and cosmology
- Quantum space-time and non-commutative geometries
- Multi-messenger analyses
- Systematic vs stochastic time delays

We have a very limited number of invited participants, but the workshop is open to everyone who can attend with their own funding.


Aug 31 Arrival Day

Sep 1 - Sep 3 Workshop dates




Registration for this event is currently open.