Sep 1 – 3, 2022
Faculty of Physics, Belgrade (Serbia)
Europe/Belgrade timezone

Travel information *New*

Travel information

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from/to Airport

If you choose to take the public transport, you can either board the А1 Mini bus, the Public Transportation Line 72, or the Public Transportation Line 607. Their routes as well as their ticket prices and approximate time travel will be given below:

А1 Mini bus

  • Route: Airport ‒ Slavija Square (Kralja Milutina Street) ‒ Airport
  • Ticket price – RSD 400 (on the bus)
  • Approximate travel time – 30 minutes

Public Transportation Line 72

  • Route: Airport – Zeleni venac Square
  • Ticket price – RSD 89 (if purchased on the kiosk), RSD 150 (if purchased on the bus)
  • Approximate travel time – 30‒40 minutes

Public Transportation Line 607

  • Route: Surčin – New Belgrade
  • Ticket price – RSD89 (if purchased on the kiosk), RSD150 (if purchased on the bus)
  • Approximate travel time – 30 minutes

Taxi service

Bear in mind that Secretariat for Public Transport of the City of Belgrade, in cooperation with BELGRADE AIRPORT, has put into operation a counter for issuing certificates of fixed price (vouchers) for taxi transport, which is located in the international arrivals area.

Passengers on arrival have fixed prices of taxi services at their disposal according to 6 zones-destinations within the city of Belgrade, as defined on the map. The list of prices for the Taxi service from Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport to the various zones of Belgrade will be given below. Make note that Belgrade is divided into six zones and that the taxi prices vary according to the distance you are traveling. Hotel “Palace”, Students hostel “Kod Vuka” and the Faculty of Physics are in the 2nd zone.

In the city

Public transport

Map of the lines


Ticket prices



The easiest way to order a taxi is through the application called CAR:GO. When using this application, you firstly need to link your bank card with account.

Be careful to take a taxi at the official taxi stop or to call one of the taxi services, for example

Pink taxi


Beogradski taxi


Hotels (in addition to Hotel “Palace” and students hostel “Kod Vuka”)

Belgrade art hotel:

Hotel Moskva:

Hotel Majestic:

Hotel Opera:

Hotel Belgrade Inn:


Reaching the workshop/school venue

Lectures will be held at the University of Belgrade building at the Studentski Trg square in the center of the city:

Amphitheatre 661, 3rd floor
Faculty of Physics, University of Belgrade,
Studentski trg 12
11000 Belgrade, Serbia


From hotel “Palace” it is 5-10 minutes walk. From the hostel “Kod Vuka” it is 30 minutes walk, or 4 bus stops (bus number 26 and 27, from bus stop “Tehnicki fakulteti” to “Trg republike”). The School venue and some restaurants where one can have lunch, are marked on the following map:

List of recommended restaurants:

  1. Proleće - Traditional Serbian food restaurant, Vuka Karadžića 11
  2. Walter - Ćevapi - Traditional food, Strahinjića Bana 57
  3. Konoba 11000 - Restaurant and “Kafana“- a place to eat and drink, Cara Dusana 13
  4. Intergalactic Diner - Burgers, 11000, Obilićev venac 3
  5. Potato’s - Delicious potato’s , Makedonska 5, TC Trg Republike
  6. Milky - Crepes and pancakes, Kneginje Ljubice
  7. Taze - Bakery with dishes , Vase Čarapića 3
  8. Skroz dobra pekara - Bakery with dishes, Kolarčeva 8
  9. Plato - International food restaurant, Čika-Ljubina 18-20
  10.  Bucko - Famous fast food, Francuska 18 
  11. KMN - Very affordable restaurant food, Zmaj Jovina 11, inside schooping center ,,Millenium’’
  12. Smokvica - Famous restaurant chain, Kralja Petra 73 
  13. Halo leskovac - Street food (cheap), Makedonska 34

Notice that Belgrade airport is currently under construction, so it is a bit messy, especially at the Arrivals. The taxi counter should be at your right once you exit the passport and custom controls. It is not very big, so you should look carefully. Next to the taxi counter there should be ATM machines, if you need some dinars (RSD) to pay for the taxi. Do not exchange money at the airport, the course there is usually very bad.

Exchange rates:

1 EUR = 117,3621 RSD

1 USD = 117,2097 RSD


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