• Giovanni Amelino-Camelia (University of Naples "Federico II", Italy)

         "Quantum gravity phenomenology at the dawn of multi-messenger astronomy"

  • Sami Caroff (Laboratoire d’Annecy de Physique des Particules (LAPP), France)

         "Search for Lorentz Invariance Violation with time-lag on gamma-ray
           Cherenkov Telescope data : From the data to the time lag constraints"

  • Luca Ciambelli (Perimeter Institute, Canada)

         "Cornering quantum gravity"

  • Andrea Maselli (Gran Sasso Institute (GSSI), Italy)

         "Astrophysical black holes: theory and observations"

  • Emmanuel Saridakis (National Observatory of Athens (IAASARS), Greece)

         "Modified gravity theories"

  • Benjamin Wandelt (Institut Lagrange de Paris (ILP))

         "Cosmology: observations"