Venue and accommodation

The school is going to be held at Pałac Wojanów, situated in the neighborhood of Jelenia Góra (8 km from the center). It is a modern conference center located in the historical residential palace.

The accommodation for students will be booked directly by the organizers, and will be in double rooms by default. Students can indicate during registration if they have someone they would like to share the room with.

Students can eventually ask for a single room by paying an additional fee that will not be covered by the school organization. This possibility will be subject to availability of rooms.

Meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) for students will be at Pałac Wojanów, and will be covered by the school organization for students eligible of financial support.

Other (non trainees) participants should book their accommodation on their own.

The daily prices (including meals) are

  • double room: 353 PLN (covered by the school organization for students eligible of financial support).
  • single room: 504 PLN .

The price of a room includes unlimited access to the SPA zone: pool, jacuzzi, sauna and fitness! Check at the contact below for details.


Wojanów 9

58-508 Jelenia Góra


Tel: +48 75 754 5300

Tel: +48 697 082 944