Jun 5 – 7, 2024
Edificio Paraninfo, Universidad de Zaragoza
Europe/Madrid timezone

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Paraninfo main entrance

The Paraninfo building, an emblem of the University and of Zaragoza, was inaugurated in 1893 to house the Faculty of Medicine and Sciences. Following the renaissance palace architecture standards of Aragon, it is built out of bricks, apart from the central entrance made out of stone. Going up the wide staircase we are greeted by the statue of four important Medical Doctors and Scientists like Miguel Servet, Andrés Piquer, Ignacio Jordán de Asso y Fausto de Elhuyar. Santiago Ramon y Cajal, Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine (1906), is leading the way to the Aula Magna.

The Paraninfo was renovated in the years 2006-2008 after which it hosts the Rectorate and Vice-Rectorates of the University. Several expositions take place in its exhibition rooms throughout the year, while it offers its conference rooms for Conference and Meetings.

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Travel Information

Zaragoza is at about 320 km from Madrid and 290 km from Barcelona. The city is well connected with the rest of Spain and the world and it can be easily reached by public transport.

By Air: There are currently regular domestic flights to Zaragoza from Almeria, Gran Canaria, Ibiza, Santiago - Rosalía de Castro, Tenerife and Palma de Mallorca. The updated list of flight connections to Zaragoza airport can be found in the following link:


By Train: Zaragoza can also be easily reached as one of the main links in the railway network of Spain. The High Speed Train (“AVE”) connects Zaragoza with several major Spanish cities, the closest being Madrid and Barcelona. Duration of the trip is less than 90 min from Madrid to Zaragoza and less than 2 hours from Barcelona to Zaragoza. There is approximately one connection per hour and a one-way ticket costs around 50-70 EUR (Discounts and/or special offers might be available). Timetables and prices can be checked at http://www.renfe.es (in Spanish) or http://www.renfe.com/es/en (in English). Tickets can be purchased online.

By Bus: Zaragoza is well-connected to Madrid and Barcelona by bus. The name of the bus company is ALSA. There is about one bus every hour and the trip takes about 4 hours. Costs are between 15-20 EUR, either from Madrid (Bus station "Intercambiador Avenida de America" or directly at Barajas Airport/ Terminal 4) or from Barcelona (Bus station "Barcelona Nord"). Tickets can be bought online. Timetables and prices are available at http://www.alsa.es (in Spanish) or http://www.alsa.es/en (in English). 

Getting around in Barcelona 

To travel from the airport ("Aeropuerto del Prat") to the train station ("Barcelona Sants") or to the bus station ("Barcelona Nord"):

By Taxi: Depending on the traffic conditions the journey could take around 30-45 min. Typical cost 35 - 40 EUR.

By Train: The train is called “Rodalies”, line “R2 Nord” and there is service every ~30 min. The train station is at the third stop called "Barcelona-Sants" and the trip takes about 20 min. To continue to the bus station you need to change trains at "Barcelona-Sants” to line “R4”. Exit at the second stop ("Barcelona-Arc de Triomf"). A single-ride ticket costs 3.8 EUR and the tickets for Rodalies trains do not allow using the metro or the bus service. More information can be found at https://rodalies.gencat.cat

By Bus: Several lines connect the airport to the city center (“Plaza Catalunya”)(~35 min ride). A single ticket costs 2 EUR. General information on public transport in Barcelona is available at http://www.tmb.net See also the “Transport and access” section at Barcelona airport website http://www.aena.es/en/josep-tarradellas-barcelona-el-prat.html 

Getting around in Madrid

To travel from the airport ("Aeropuerto de Barajas") to the train station ("Madrid Atocha") or to the bus station ("Intercambiador Avenida America"):

By Taxi: Depending on traffic conditions the travel time is about 30 min. Cost from the airport to the Atocha train station is fixed at 30 EUR.

By Metro: Line 8 runs from all the airport terminals to the “Nuevos Ministerios” station in central Madrid (~12-15 min). There, you have to change line to get to the bus station (stop "Avda. de America", using for example line 6) or to the Atocha train station (stop "Atocha Renfe", using for example line6 + line 1). One-way ticket costs ~4.5 EUR.  You can find details at http://www.metromadrid.es/

By Train: Line C1 of “Renfe Cercanías” trains runs from terminal T4 of the Madrid-Barajas Airport to the city centre, stopping at “Nuevos Ministerios” and “Atocha”. Single tickets costs 2.4 EUR, but note that the service is free for passengers with AVE tickets connecting from/to a flight.

By Bus: Route “Exprés” runs from the airport to the train station "Atocha Renfe" every 15 min; the trip takes about 40 min and a single ticket costs 5 EUR. City bus route “200” goes to bus station (stop "Intercambiador Avenida de America") and a single ticket costs 1.5 EUR. Other routes to the city center exist. General information on public transport in Madrid is available at http://www.emtmadrid.es/ See also the “Transport and access” section at Madrid airport website http://www.aena.es/en/adolfo-suarez-madrid-barajas.html  

Getting around in Zaragoza

From the airport to downtown: Zaragoza Airport is located about 9 km outside of the city. From the airport, the best option is to take a taxi to the city center region (~25 EUR). There is a bus service (single tickets cost ~2 EUR) but with low frequency (between half and one hour depending on the day). See also the “Transport and access” section at Zaragoza airport website https://www.aeropuertodezaragoza.net/en .

From the train and bus station to downtown: High speed trains arrive at the ZGZ train station "Zaragoza Delicias", located next to the bus station “Zaragoza Estación Central”, where buses from Madrid and Barcelona will arrive. To reach the meeting venue from the train and bus stations you can either take a taxi, with a cost of about 10-12 EUR, or use the city bus service. Route/Bus 51 will leave you close to the Paraninfo (bus stop “P. Pamplona N.o 5") where sessions will be held and also close to the hotel/downtown area. 

Useful links: Train station “Zaragoza Delicias”: http://www.adif.es/en_US/ . Bus station “Zaragoza Estación Central”: http://www.estacion-zaragoza.es/ (only in Spanish)

Getting around in Zaragoza: you can use either taxis, bus and tram services within the city. Tickets for a single trip cost 1.60 EUR and can be bought from the bus driver (provided you pay with coins or small notes) or machines at tram stops (cash or card). Information on bus lines and on the tram service (only in Spanish) is available at http://zaragoza.avanzagrupo.com/ and http://www.tranviasdezaragoza.es/

Zaragoza is also a very walkable city with city center and meeting venue about 10-15 min walk apart. And while you walk you will be able to take in all the beautiful sites the city has to offer, so we definitely recommend a little stroll.